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Image Visualization and Infrared Spectroscopy Lab

Prof. Michael S. Ramsey (Director)


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University of Pittsburgh

Computer Resources

The backbone of the IVIS Laboratory computing infrastructure include a twelve-node Linux cluster paired with a 110TB Synology network attached storage (NAS) RAID array for high speed computing and data storage. Resources also include numerous Dell Optiplex computers, two HP large-format color printers, as well as other Linux and Sun workstations. A complete graphics station is powered by a Macintosh iMac Core2 Duo computer with a large format scanner, a Nikon LS-2000 35mm Film Scanner, and a Polaroid ProPalette 7000 Film Recorder. Multiple touch-enabled displays for data interface and visualization as well as educational outreach are all connected within the IVIS high-speed data node. A 65” 4K screen with wireless connectivity is installed for presentations and video conferencing. Image processing and analysis is carried out using a variety of in-house packages, as well the ENVI/IDL and ArcGIS with the compute cluster for running large jobs. The lab website is built and maintained using Jekyll and self-hosted using Apache on the IVIS server. There are several large-screen hallway digital displays, programmed using Xibo and running on Intel NUCs, which display NASA satellite images, route feeds, and interactively present recent publications by laboratory personnel.

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