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Image Visualization and Infrared Spectroscopy Lab

Prof. Michael S. Ramsey (Director)


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University of Pittsburgh

Computer Resources

The backbone of the IVIS Laboratory computing infrastructure include a twelve-node Linux cluster paired with a 110TB Synology network attached storage (NAS) RAID array for high speed computing and data storage. Resources also include numerous Dell Optiplex computers, two HP large-format color printers, as well as other Linux and Sun workstations. A complete graphics station is powered by a Macintosh iMac Core2 Duo computer with a large format scanner, a Nikon LS-2000 35mm Film Scanner, and a Polaroid ProPalette 7000 Film Recorder. Multiple touch-enabled displays for data interface and visualization as well as educational outreach are all connected within the IVIS high-speed data node. A 65” 4K screen with wireless connectivity is installed for presentations and video conferencing. Image processing and analysis is carried out using a variety of in-house packages, as well the ENVI/IDL and ArcGIS with the compute cluster for running large jobs. The lab website is built and maintained using Jekyll and self-hosted using Apache on the IVIS server. There are several large-screen hallway digital displays, programmed using Xibo and running on Intel NUCs, which display NASA satellite images, route feeds, and interactively present recent publications by laboratory personnel.

Figure 1. The IVIS dual-core processor and 12-node Linux cluster. The 110TB NAS is housed in the data cabinet above.