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Instructions For The IVIS Archive Database

Author: Nathan Beauchamp (Science Data Archivist)

General Public

The IVIS Archive is database that contains information on all samples, data, books, and images collected/archived by the IVIS research group at the University of Pittsburgh. The database is currently hosted on the free package for Obivase.com. Outside users can view the database by logging in using their Google or Facebook accounts. The site provides an easy to use database format that includes sorting and searching through the data via any selected column. The Archive is separated into four separate databases as described below:

  • Samples Database

    • Covers the physical samples collected by the group members.
    • Seperated into rock type samples and fine particulates.

  • Books Database

    • General collection of reference books available to the group.

  • CD Database

    • Archival collection of physical media containing primarily image data from historic space-based instruments such as Voyager and Magellan.

  • Maps & Photos Database

    • Archival collection of primarily historic planetary maps and photos.

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