IVIS Laboratory

Image Visualization and Infrared Spectroscopy Lab

Prof. Michael S. Ramsey (Director)

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Current Projects:

University of Pittsburgh



Research Professor

Postdoctoral Researcher

Associated Scientists

Current Graduate Students

  • James Thompson (Ph.D. student, TIR imaging analysis of active basalt flows)
  • Nathan Beauchamp (Ph.D. student, planetary remote sensing, lava flow modeling)
  • Christine Simurda (Ph.D. student, thermophysics of martian lava flows)
  • Janine Krippner (Ph.D. student, remote sensing of pyroclastic flows)
  • Daniel Williams (Ph.D. student, spectral behavior of ash-rich plumes)

Current Staff

  • Arun Kumar (Computer Systems Specialist)
  • Mike Urich (Computer Systems Specialist)

Former Graduate Students

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Alex Hutcheson
  • Joseph McFarland
  • Peter Feczko
  • Derek Feger
  • Susan King
  • Alex Dalla Piazza
  • Justin Skrabec
  • Nate Wigton
  • Aleeza Harburger
  • Nicole Fontanella
  • Michael Muder
  • Sonja Melander
  • Kelly Larotonda
  • Moss Clark
  • Nicole Nastanski
  • Kevin Perkey
  • Alex Hanko
  • Erich Zorn
  • Morgan Callahan

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